Orange Crush: 1968 Alfa Romeo A12


Of course we are not talking about the famous orange juice drink sold in the USA until the late 70s, but an A12 truck painted in the same color as that drink.


It is also the first time that we see an F12 or an A12 painted in this color so the first question that comes up is if this was a color expected from the factory specifications, however, original or not, it is very special and we like a lot, even because it is not only the cabin to be orange but it is also the tarpaulin.


The photos were taken at night and are of low quality, apparently this A12 seems in excellent condition but the reality is different, at least for what concerns the cockpit: the seller says it is gear and for this reason along with the truck is supplied a spare cabin: the latter is taken from a more recent model, however many parts are interchangeable. The seller does not provide any information about the condition of the engine and the rest of the truck, it will take care of the potential future owner to make these investigations. Find it for sale at €12,500 (today $14,200) here in Noceto, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Orange Crush: 1968 Alfa Romeo A12

  1. Many ACI (Italian Automobile Club), ANAS (Azienda Nazionale Autonoma Strade – National roads maintenance company), and various local public transport companies such as ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milano – Milan public transport company) in Milan adopted that color.
    It is regularly listed in Lechler and MaxMeyer color catalogues.

    Giuseppe Maranghi


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