Half done: 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider by Touring


Maybe not halfway, but we can still say that a good part of the work was done on this 2000 Spider.


In fact, the work on the body, which alone makes up almost half of the cost of restoring a car like this, has not yet been done: the car has been completely dismantled but obviously the restoration process has stopped here. However, the bodywork appears to be in good condition and does not seem to require any major work.


On the other hand, the engine has already been rebuilt and the chromium plating has already been redone: it is a great saving of time and money. However, there are some problems: the seller says that the rear bench and the propshaft are missing; clearly it will be necessary to make sure of people if these two are really the only parts to look for. Find it for sale at €42,000 (today $48,000) here in Piacenza, Italy.


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