Alabama 901: 1965 Porsche 911


This Porsche 911 (chassis # 300827) belongs to the first series, called “901” by the brand experts because the latter is the name that Porsche had decided to assign, until Peugeot reminded Porsche that the names composed of three numbers with a central zero was their trade mark.


We would not have expected to find such a precious model abandoned in a scrapyard but obviously the classic car market is still able to reserve surprises: the seller claims that the car looks much better in person than in the picture, in fact the body has rust but no corrosion hole.


Beyond that, the car is matching numbers and basically complete, including the expensive Weber 46IDA30 original carburettors; we have noticed that the cloth on the seats has a strange pattern, never seen before, but it seems as original as the rest of the interior. If the assumptions are these and if the price does not go far from the current offer, anyone who buys it will do a great deal. Find it for sale here in Birmingham, AL, with bidding at $60,000 and reserve price met.


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