Transporter inside: 1952 Porsche 356 Coupé


This 1952 Porsche 356 is certainly in worse condition than the other two pre-a published in the last two weeks, yet it is still in one piece and also quite complete.


The state of the body is evident to everyone, but in reality the only real problem is the back of the car has suffered a rear-end collision and should be replaced, but the rest of the body is not bad at all, although the various layers of paint exposed make a bad impression at first sight.


The bad news: the engine is not original, although it is correct for the car, the current gearbox comes from a VW Transporter (the seller says that the car comes with another gearbox which is supposed to be the original unit), the windshield has been replaced; the good news is that the car was born with a beautiful color cobination: black with tan corduroy interiors. Find it for sale at $149,500 here in Santa Ana, CA.


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