Plastic Fantastic: 1954 Kaiser Darrin 161


1954 was the only year of production of this strange roadster, built in fiberglass by Kaiser Motors and equipped with a six-cylinder Ford engine.


In 1952 Henry J. Kaiser, the founder of the company of the same name, had decided to counter the invasion of European sports cars with an American product (the Corvette, the first American sports car, to be released only in 1953) characterized by original solutions such as doors that did not open in a common way but slid inside the front fenders. Unfortunately the high price and low power decreed the end of this car after just over a year of production and just over 450 built.


This car in particular (it is said to be the car #48) seems to have been parked for over 20 years but, fortunately, the climate of Nevada has spared serious damages: indeed on one side the fiberglass body is not a problem, but the rest of the car is still made of steel. The interior looks very complete like the rest of the car: it is certainly an excellent base for a total restoration. Find it for sale at $45,500 here in Las Vegas, NV.


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