Once was stone: 1960 Porsche 356 B T5 Roadster


Stone grey was the original color of this 356B T5 Roadster (chassis #87324) that has seen, during its story, many paint layers that overlapped: the last one is the white one.


Other than many paint layers, there is also the rust that intruded among them, and unfortunately it seems that the car suffers a lot of this issue. On the other side, the car has all the parts still in the correct place and, last but not least, it has still its original engine.


The car was purchased by the previous owner in 1963 and was driven on the road for about 20 years and was believed to have been put away into storage circa 1979. Whilst it has a dent on the front, al the gaps look very good but the floors must be replaced as the original ones are gone since many years and have been replaced with some home made metal sheets. Find it for sale at $109,500 here in Santa Ana, CA.

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