Five years later: 1957 Fiat 1100 Tv “Desireé” by Vignale


We aren’t actually pretty sure that this is the same car published here five years ago, however there are big chances that it is the same vehicle. How many cars like this, with the same color combo, are still around?


Sure is that since the first publication, the car has been totally restored and you can easily see it: apart from the obvious things like the paint, some things have been corrected like the steering wheel which was not original at the time of the first article.


On the other side there are some things which we believe to be not correct: the steel wheels were probably painted correctly whilst now they have been painted in the darker shade of the body. The price of the car obviously is affected by the fact that this is a Mille Miglia eligible car: we won’t disclose the price tag of five years ago but sure is that inflation hit hard on this car. Find it for sale at €150,000 (today $185,000) here in Aosta, Italy.

3 thoughts on “Five years later: 1957 Fiat 1100 Tv “Desireé” by Vignale

  1. Hi,
    i’m from Italy, this Fiat 1100 Vignale Desireè is not the same car you posted 5 years ago, i know both of them, the other has the low body in dark gray, this is in dark blue, apart this i know both chassis numbers, definitely 2 different cars. This has a new happy owner and remains here in Italy: As for the price, my opinion based on last market signals (i’m working in the auto classis world since 25 years) is that it’s not the matter of the Mille Miglia eligible car, it is the -one off- design which has more and more interest from collectors. The market is evolving in some directions, one of them is the one off cars, no matter what is the base car model used. Of course not all the one off cars have strong market, they have to be “dressed” in a nice shape, like the Vignale Desireè design
    Ciao a tutti


  2. Hello,
    I own a similar car and are k-looking for historical info. It’s probably the car that’s mentioned as being listed “5 years ago”. It would be great if this “Daniele” could get in touch with me:


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