A special one: 1957 Fiat 1100 TV Desireé by Vignale


Update, June 25: Again, who we think is the new owner asked us to remove the article. And again, we won’t remove anything. But, as we suppose that the “problem” is to not disclose the asking price, we’ll delete such price.

This car is a witness of the great italian coachbuilders era. This special car was based on Fiat 1100 E-TV chassis, engine and suspensions and then built by hand by Vignale coachworks in Turin. The seller doesn’t mention the year but this car is a 2nd series Desireé (the first series was made in 1956). The black plate is of 1957 as well.


The Desireé was designed by Michelotti (who basically designed every given car for Alfredo Vignale), and this particular car is based on a TV model (the double throat Weber carburetor is typical of that model). Other cars were based on “normale” (normal) chassis and engine.


We don’t know if this car is a survivor or not: If yes, this is a spectacular specimen; if not, the seller is going to lose money at this given asking price which is actually the same asked for a stock 1100 TV in same conditions. Find it for sale here at €XX,000 (today $XX,000) in Messina, Italy.

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