Sliding doors: 1964 Batmobile


The seller says that this car is the first official Batmobile built, two years before the most famous TV-series Batmobile built by master customizer George Barris. This car was used to be driven around New England “to promote Batman and Robin milk, ice cream and fruit drinks, which were licensed by D.C. Comics”.


The body is made of fiberglass and the doors slide into the body like the Kaiser-Darrin cars of ten years before. It needs a big restoration but it would be not as difficult as it could seem by a superficial sight.

ScreenShot007 ScreenShot002

The seller has also provided some period photos which are very important to assess the commercial value of the car. This could be a great piece of pop art, and you will do a great appearance driving this (restored) car to whatever car show (and not only). Find it for sale here in Ocala, FL, with a starting bid of $19,800 and no reserve price.

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