55 years ownership: 1961 Facel Vega HK 500


One owner since 1963 is generally a great thing for any car, especially if the car is a rare Facel Vega HK 500. This car could even be exactly as it looked in 1963, unfortunately the past owner decided to repaint it in 1974 but the job was never completed.


Of course the good is that this is a California car since new so even though it hasn’t been cared since the year of the supposed repaint, 1974, the car hasn’t suffered much thanks to the dry climate. These were built wit a much better steel than the one used by Alfa Romeo, but still fifty yeas are enough even for the best steel around.


The conditions of te car speak for themselves: a dry car, basically complete of everything (the seller says that what’s not in the photo is actually stored in the trunk, however it’s better to check for everything as the parts for these cars are very difficult to find), wth a very nice leather interior which could maybe be recovered. Find it for sale at $89,500 here in Anaheim, CA.

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