Hen’s teeth: 1948 Fiat 1100 BL Giardiniera by Monviso



First time we see this car for real, and probably the last time we’ll see one for many years . It’s a very rare “Giardiniera” built by Monviso coachworks on a Fiat 1100 BL chassis.


Indeed so far we have seen this model only in our literature and we actually doubted that any car like this could still survive: this was not a very expensive car but, in a country that just came out of the Second World war, this was a machine for a restricted number of people.


We don’t know how many were built, and probably only mr. Casalis, the founder, would have known it. This is a car which has been restored (not perfectly) and which probably misses some rare parts but, anyway, the most important features of thecar are still there, starting from the beautiful  headlights chrome rings. That’s absolutely a must to have in any italian car collection. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $37,000) here in Foggia, Italy.


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