Blue calls red: 1969 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S Sport by Zagato


There are quite a few Lancia Fulvia Zagato for sale around, but very few or almost none of them could boast this fantastic color combo.


Of course we don’t expect that all of you would share with us the appreciation for these colors, but for sure we all agree with the fact that very few came out of the Zagato shop in this sky blue mated with ared leather interior: that’s basically the same color combo often used on many Porsche 356, both A and B series.


The seller doesn’t say much about the car but that the car is original, working and basically perfect under any point of view: we believe him but we are pretty sure that the blue can’t be the oiginal paint layer, as well as the seats that have been probably redone. These are details though; the car looks very nice but we would have seen more detailed photos of the undercarriage even though we doubt that this car has any rust issue. Find it for sale at €34,000 (today $41,600) here in Belpasso, Italy.


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