Twin cam blue: 1969 Fiat 125 S “Samantha” by Vignale


The Samantha, based on the Fiat 125 chassis and engine, is one of the last creation of Vignale and, we think, one of the better ones.


Even though it was based on a Fiat, this car was never sold by Fiat dealers and that’s probably why there aren’t many cars around. Moreover, a 1600 c.c. twin cam engine was not much loved at the begining of the seventies, when the oil crisis threw many car companies into crisis.


This beautiful specimen, both for the conditions and the color combo, is said to be in perfect conditions and that it could even used as a daily driver: we actually believe them as the Fiat engine, drivetrain and suspension are nown to be rock-solid: at the end of the day this is a trouble-free rare car. Find it for sale at €39,990 (today $49,000) here in Heilbronn, Germany.


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