Snake on the hood: 1957 Porsche 356 A T2 Coupé


The Unobtanium brothers have found another aircooled machine: this time it’s a 356 A Coupé (chassis #100316), we believe a 60 hp, unearthed from some barn and now for sale without reserve.


As usual, they are pretty clear about the conditions of the car: on one side this is said (and actually it seems) an almost complete car: for sure the interiors are whilst the engine bay is clearly missing some item which, needless to say, it’s easily retrievable on the market even though nowadays nothing about these cars comes cheap.


This coupé was originally finished in silver metallic but the bad is that, before reaching the paint stage, there is a lot of metal work to do on it. Sure also the panels can be easily found on the market but we believe that here there is almost everything to replace. We didn’t understand if the car has a matching numbers engine: this info would substantially change its value. Find it for sale here in Ravena, NY, with bidding at $20,000 and no reserve price.


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