Find another one: 1950 Fiat 1500 6C Trasformabile by Balbo


Balbo was one of those coachbuilders who operated in the shadow of famous brands like Pininfarina, Farina or Vignale, however he built beautiful cars, especially before the WWII.


Indeed Balbo shut his doors in 1954 but he still had time to build beautiful post war cars like this “Trasformabile” built on the six-cylinder Fiat 1500 platform. We don’t know how many were built but this is the second time we see one for sale (at least since internet came out), and we guess that we will not see another one for sale for the next ten years.


The seller says that the car is in good working order both mechanically and aesthetically, it’s painted in white with red interiors. What we see is a car that is complete and correct, and probably it has been in a collection for many decades. We also think that the asking price, given the rarity, is fair. Find it for sale at €62,000 (today $77,000) here in Macerata, Italy.


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