Expensive red: 1967 BMW 1600 GT


One of the cutest models built by BMW was actually a son of Glas, a factory acquired by BMW in 1967. After that, Glas cars were badged as BMW.


The design though was made by Frua as, back then, german cars producers were not the best in styling ars so very often they asked italian independent designers to help them in designing cars which, otherwise, would have had a bulky design: the 1600 GT looks actually like an italian coupé.


This particular car is one of the best seen so far, for sure is the most expensive even though we must admit that it looks nothing but perfect: there are not hi-res photos of the car but it seems that everything has been properly restored at an high standard. Unfortunately, this high standard has an high price: we don’t know if the actual market is ready for such request but we hope it for the seller. Fid it for sale at €145,000 (today $175,000) here in Haut-Rhin, France. Thanks to Carlo for this tip!

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