Suspended animation: 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo


One of the 1,672 specimens of 2002 Turbo ever built is laying in a yard, waiting for someone who brings it back to its previous glory.


Many of these cars had a sad ending because they had the bad luck to be born exactly in the midde of the greatest oil crisis ever and this, joined with the euro market already oppressed by high gas prices, sanctioned the premature end of this model and that was a shame because his is the first turbocharged , mass-produced car ever built in Europe.


170 hp out of a 2000 c.c. road engine was a remarkable achievement but, of course, these were delicate objects and often stayed in the shops: this particular car indeed is laying here probably since 30 years ago. The seller says only the the car is reguarly register but it misses its papers, but he point here is not about the papers though: this needs a total restoration and, even of complete, the KKK turbocharger alone could cost up to $7,000 so that’s a challengine restoration. Few and bad photos from the seller so it’s impossible to understand exactly the scope of the job needed here. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $47,000) here in La Spezia, Italy.


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