Mixin’ italians/2: 1967 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia


This Fiat 1500 GT Coupé built fifty years ago by Ghia coachworks is said to be one of the 50 imported, back then, by Grimm brothers of Detroit who were the official importer of these special cars.


That’s a car which has undergone a restoration process but it needs now to be completed; the good is that the car looks nice and it seems that all the works has been professionally done, it is said to be complete but still some parts need to be rebuilt, like the gearbox and the interiors.


This car, howeve, has a special feature: it is not pushed by the Fiat 1500 c.c. engine but by a mighty Alfa Romeo twin-cam unit with a 2 litre displacement wich has been rebuilt with fast road specifications: not orginal but fast for sure. Find it for sale at $32,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.

3 thoughts on “Mixin’ italians/2: 1967 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia

  1. An Alfa engine won’t work in these. The exhaust is on the wrong side and too many accessory items (like steering gear) are in the way. I wonder if the dark blue one from 2014 was purchased and parts from this one used to get it completed. Some of the description (in particular the Alfa engine, its year and details on its/who built it) are the same – I know because I almost purchased the blue one. Makes me wonder. In any case, this is top of the market price for a restored car, so good luck.


  2. That’s ASA territory, Alfa SS territory. One has been for sale in my area for $42,000 US, restored, for over a year now. Maybe in Europe they command a premium….


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