Mixed flavors: 1966 Patriarca 3000 GTS



Bruno Patriarca was a famous tuner and builder who built – inside his shop in Roma, Italy – many race cars. He started his business in the late fourties and ended in the late sixties.


This car is said to have been designed by him in 1966, it is a prototype built using parts from many cars: it is said that the steering comes from a Porsche, whilst the engine, placed behind the seats, clearly comes from a lancia Flaminia 2800, and that’s equipped with three two throat carburetors.


The ad is enriched with some photos of a period specialized paper who tells about this car: actually the sketches printed on the article show a car slightly different but we believe that this car was never completed by its designer, so it was completed later by one of its owners. Beautiful? Not at all. Interesting? Yes. The seller hasn’t disclosed the asking price, anyway you can find it for sale here in Roma, Italy.


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