Perfect project: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


This is one of the best among all the Giulia Spider projects seen so far and, nonetheless, that’s a wrap for the year 2016 which is leaving us in few hours.


One of the best, as we just said, because this is a car which carries all the years it has, but at the same time it seems one of the most correct, complete and solid Giulia Spider seen so far, especially if you think that this comes from Washington and it’s not just a rust bucket, on the contrary it looks uncommonly solid even for other warmer and drier areas of the U.S.


So we have the original engine and transmission disassembled but present, the original and rare black hardtop, a set of original Borrani steel wheels, a nice stone grey paint which should be the original paint and, last but not least, a very solid aspect of the floors and rockers. We will not spend more words than necessary because if you’re looking for a Giulia Spider project, this is it. Find it for sale at $17,500 here in Anacortes, WA. Thanks to Vlad for this suggestion and wish you all the best for the next year. Stay tuned!

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