Alu look & feel: 1964 Sunbeam Venezia by Touring


This Sunbeam Venezia (chassis #009/145) is one of the first made and one of the very few cars survived so far: actually this has not survived well but still it is in one piece only.


That’s easy for these cars to have a nice body as it’s made of aluminium so rust is never a problem, however all the rest of the car is made of “common” materials so 50 years are a lot for them and indeed this one needs a total restoration which, as a car made by Touring, it’s not an easy job.


However, this car has the most important characteristic which every small series, hand-built car should have: it looks basically unmolested and complete; everything seems in its place with no major lacks and that’s extremely important when you have to face a total restoration. Last but not least, the asking price is quite tempting. Find it for sale at €20,500 (today $21,500) here in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, France. Thanks again to Vlad for this cool suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Alu look & feel: 1964 Sunbeam Venezia by Touring

  1. What a fantastic opportunity to enter in the glamorous world of Italian handmade craftamship for a price much lower than an ordinary mass-production car, of the same age and in same condition!
    This proves the classic car market is still not as mature as it should.


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