Don’t drink & drive: 1966 Lancia Flavia 1800 Coupé


This car is said to have been owned by a member of the Cinzano family, the famed italian brand of bitters drinks. Of course it has some special features.


The first of which is a Nardi intake mainfold still under a single carburetor: we’d expect to see more than one in a tuned car but that is the only visible component. The seller says hat this is a tuned car and actually there could be more than just a mainfold/carburetor assembly, albeit made by Nardi, into that engine, but the seller doesn’t clearly says what else is there.


Indeed don’t forget that Cinzano was a Turin family as well as Nardi so we suspect that there is more to know. Other than that, the first owner also made a different dashboard installed: the clocks look like the same installed on the Giulia of those years. Sure it is a special car also because of the stunning color combo; it has also original plates and papers. Find it for sale at €26,500 (today $28,000) here in Biella, Italy.


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