Two plates: 1966 Fiat 1300S Coupé by Vignale


This car has two different license plates: an old Italian one in front and a California black license plate on the back as it is one of the very rare 1300S Vignale imported in the United States. Unfortunately, there are only photos from the outside.


The seller says that this could be the only example in the United States and we can hardly believe it: it is already difficult to find one for sale in Italy, let alone in the United States and in fact we have never seen one for sale in the last ten years (however, we admit that some cars may have escaped us).


Unfortunately this car, very complete and correct, no longer has its original engine, replaced in the past with a 1438cc Fiat 128 engine, but the four-speed transmission remained the original one. The current owner has made interventions especially in the interior but he admits that this car needs a restoration. Find it for sale at $10,000 here in Los Gatos, CA.


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