Risky Business: 1984 Porsche 928 S


We have never published a Porsche 928 S before, not because we did not like this car but because the majority of the cars on the market are in bad conditions and therefore uneconomical to restore.


But this is a different story, as it seems to be a true survivor with only 33.698 original miles. Tom Cruise drove a car like this in Risky Business as well as Al Pacino in Scarface, in fact this car is one of the icons of the 80s but, in reality, it was a car well ahead of its time, under all points of view.


You love it or you hate it, there are no middle ways. The seller says there is the only real flaw of this car is the air conditioner that does not hold the charge for a long time, but we have seen cars much younger than this have the same problem. Probably will need a big service but we believe that you deserve it. And if the price seems high, take a look here. Find it for sale at $14,500 here in Chico, CA.


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