French pale blue: 1964 Maserati Sebring by Vignale


For those who do not know it yet, the Maserati Sebring is one of the most beautiful coupes produced in the 60s, a beautiful line designed by Vignale on one side, a magnificent 3.5 liter Maserati engine and luxury equipment on the other.


Maserati has produced two series of this model: the first, or which this car belongs to, is certainly the most beautiful thanks to some small but significant details such as the front turn signals and the rear lights. Moreover, this car in particular is painted in the symbolic color of the Maserati, the Celeste Chiaro (pale blue).


The seller claims that this car was parked 30 years ago and has never been restored: certainly it was not the interior that comes in clearly original conditions as well as the engine compartment which is a bit dirty but very correct and with all the details in their place. The seller also says that the car is rust-free and, given the asking price, we hope it is. Find it for sale at $145,000 here in Colombes, France.


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