Sleeping Beauty: 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ


90% of the findings are called “barn find” improperly; in fact, the existence of cars is often known even if they are kept segregated in some garages or barns, but for this Giulietta SZ the story is different.


Foreword: we don’t know if this car is currently for sale; the car went to the judicial auction won, three days ago, by an Italian classic car dealer who may sell it now, or maybe not, so far it is not known but that’s not he point anyway; let’s start from the beginning of the story.


In 1984, Mr. Osvado Avalle, a retired mechanic (and Alfa Romeo enthusiast) living in Turin, Italy, bought this 1962 Giulietta SZ from the Alfa Romeo dealership “Dario Vico” in Turin, and used it quite frequently until 1995: this is the only information available since that year the last insurance policy for this car was reported. After that date, oblivion.


Mr. Avalle passed away last summer, without heirs, so the court of Turin decided to auction his assets. What the court experts did not know is that mr. Avalle, under his house in Via Candiolo, had built a secret underground garage to store his beloved SZ, which was found, to the amazement of all because of its spectacular conditions: the black plate (not the first one), the marvelous light blue color sprayed by Zagato (as the Zagato itself has confirmed) and the conditions of originality hardly surmountable. As already anticipated, the car has been sold to a judicial auction for an amount exceeding €500,000 but we expect that, on a stage like that of RM or Gooding, this car can easily fetch the double. What no one will ever tell us, however, is why the owner kept it until his death knowing he had no heirs: the thruth is that such a car would have deserved to return to its home in Arese, together with its family, but the reality is that life is often much more complex than how we want to represent it. Farewell, Osvaldo.


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