Two-stroke sedan: 1966 DKW F102



Is it strange to say that we did not know this car? In fact we know many other DKW models but not this two-door sedan which, in common with its family members, is equipped with a two-stroke engine.


Let’s face it, even for the stylistic standards of the time this car is not a beauty (however, beauty is in the beholder’s eye, isnt’t it?), nevertheless we consider it very interesting for three main reasons: the rarity, the fact that it is a survivor and, last but not least, the build quality.


In fact it is always a German car (the 60s, when the build quality of German cars was uncompromising) built by the manufacturer that will later take the name Audi, and because the car is still in exceptional condition . The seller says it’s completely original inside and out, including black plates and papers. It is definitely a candidate for the “best preserved” award at your next local car show. Find it for sale at €9,900 (today $11,300) here in Cellatica, Italy.


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