Unfulfilled dream: 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20


Update, September 23: As the reader Shel says, this car (chassis B20-2254) should be one of the six semi – official Lancia’s, painted in blue/ivory, which joined the Mille Miglia in 1953. If so, the original italian plate of this car was TO143916 with the engine #2503. Such engine was the experimental 2500 cc. version, brought to the MM to have some hard testing. Wow.


Another photo from a race near Posillipo, circa 1955:


September 16

This car is the proof that dreams won’t realize by themselves: you must work hard on them to make them come true.


Indeed the seller says that this car belongs to his 97 yo father who bought this car (which actually should be a 2nd or 3rd series)  in 1962 with the intentions to restore it: he disassembled the car and then let it laid in his garage so far. That’s a common mistake with classic cars: never, never put your hands on them unless you have a b-plan to finish the job.


However, the car is now reduced to a skeleton which is not a problem by itself: the real problem is where are all the remainig parts of the car and, moreover, what is their condition after 50 years in the wet Oregon. I suppose that the brave buyer will need to spend at least a whole day with the seller’s son to make a proper checklist. Find it for sale at $15,000 (o.b.o.) here in Eugene, OR.

13 thoughts on “Unfulfilled dream: 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20

  1. It turns out this is a very special car, one of three build by the factory to race the mille miglia!
    Now flipped at more than 20X profit……..
    Special cars are still out there!!

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  2. i am the buyer of the car i purchased a car in Eugene Oregon my name is Miller Steve
    I found the car on craigslist it was a Sunday morning the son-in-law list of the car for his father-in-law who bought the car in 1957 out of the motor trend magazine in Italy I sold a car to a local collector here in Portland Oregon that is restoring the car I won’t disclose the price but in the deal was a trip to Italy when the car is done if you go to my Facebook page you see the car on my trailer
    1900-1991 classics and exotics never wanted to sell the car but I didn’t have the means to Restore it I hope one day in two years from now I will unite with the car On my Facebook account is a lot of information of me and the cars that I find if you need to get a hold of me my numbers on my Facebook page


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