Storage crisis: 1971 BMW 2002 Ti Alpina


This is actually a rare car as the Bavarian firm produced much less Ti than Tii; this particular car is for sale because the seller says that he can’t store the car anymore.


Moreover, the seller claims that this car is not only a Ti, but also it has an Alpina optional engine which produces 234 hp. Maybe this last claim is a bit hazardous as so much power from a naturally aspirated 2000 cc. road engine from 40 years ago is almost science fiction. However, the seller says that the engine alone was a 10,000 DM option back in 1971.


We like the color and those few things which are visible through the photos posted: the seats (claimed to be Alpina) look like the period Scheel sport seats used a couple of years later on the cousin of this car, the E9 3.0 CSL; more than that the car is said to have new tires and exhaust. It’s a shame for the lack of such important engine and the special seats, but we suppose that those are details on request. Find it for sale at $12,000 here in Niagara Falls, PA.


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