More than a tourer: 1959 Austin Healey Sebring Sprite


When you think at an Healey Sprite, of course tou imagine a tiny little spider which main focus is to drive across the british countryside: this car was born with a different purpose.


To celebrate the successful Sebring race of March 1959, the BMC Competition Department entered three Austin-Healey Sprites in the 12 Hours Grand Prix d’Endurance: these three cars were modified properly to afford another long-distance race so they had a special equipment which included four Dunlop disk brakes and bigger SU’s carburetors. Thse three cars finished at the first three places in their class.


So, this is one of the cars made from the factory upon the same specifications of the previous three winner Sprite’s: the name was added with “Sebring”. This car is said to be an original portuguese car: the seller has provided some photos of the find and of the restoration where it can be seen that when found the car was painted in silver: we can’t undestand why he decided to paint it in the typical italian race red. However this color fits well the car which looks almost perfect under every aspect, and we must say that we really love the front grill with the narrow headlights. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $70,500) here in Genk, Belgium.

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