Smell of bargain: 1968 Abarth OT 1300 Coupé


Update, October 11: This car is now for sale here in Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy, at €34,000 (today $46,000). The seller says that the engine is a type AB204 so it should be correct for this car. No more smell of bargain.

July 9

The seller doesn’t say much about this car which seems, at least from outside, a proper Abarth OT 1300. But, as someone we know once said, “when I ear of an Abarth I have thrills”: all us know that there is a misty market on these cars as it’s easy to make a fake car, starting from one of the mass-production Fiat on which they’re based. So, when you go to inspect a car like this yoy must bring with you an expert or, at least, you must do your homework.


Apart from such mandatory considerations, this car looks correct: the front grill is proper of the 1300 (the OT 1000 doesn’t have it), and it also has the correct steel, reverse channel, rims with chrome hubcaps. The big chromed rear badge is correct too. We’d like to watch a photo of the engine bay and of the engine number, but this is it.


Interior seems correct apart from the gear lever knob and pedals, but they’re common aftermarket items, easy to replace. The black plate is not the first one as it was released in 1971. So, what we have here could be a bargain, but be careful before moving the first step. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $25,600) here in Canicattì, Italy.


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