Before the storm: 1939 BMW 327/28 Cabriolet


We aren’t BMW nuts at all but beauty has not a badge. In this case, beauty gets the shape of 1939 327/28 cabriolet which seems to be in beautiful conditions. As the seller says, this is really one of the most desiderable BMW ever, due to its soft lines and beautiful proportions: a classic example of pre-war styling.


The 327 became 327/28 when the factory equipped such model with a most powerful engine of the 328: this six-inline engine, fed by three carburetors produced 80 h.p. and could push the car up to 145 km/h (90 m.p.h.). This particular car is said to have benefitted of a full restoration 10 years ago; such job included blasting the body to bare metal, rebuilding of the wooden pillars, new upholstery and soft top.


Indeed the car looks good despite of the low-res photos and, at this given asking price, it could be a bargain for a potential euro buyer. Find it for sale at $100,000 o.b.o. here in Thomasville, NC.

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