Tundra green: 1970 BMW 2800 CS


This is for sure one of the best color made for the glorious E9, especially when shining like this one and mated with beige leather interiors: I had one with the same color combo so I know well what I’m talking about.


The seller says that this car has 79K original miles and the blue plate from 1971, when it was purchased by a Oakland Hills doctor who drove it for a year, then it was purchased by a family in Berkeley who had it since the last year.


The seller has done a cosmetic restoration, repainting it in the original Tundra Green, replacing and fixing many parts like the reupholstered driver bottom seat, restored wood components, new leather shift, antenna assembly, rebuilt Zenith carbs, all new bushings, gas pedal assembly, new brakes and so one. The car looks mostly good, it looks not assaulted by the rust so it could be a nice item for whoever wants to get close to this series. Find it for sale at $29,900 here in Glen Park, CA.

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