Loaded purple: 1968 Porsche 912 Coupé


The little sister of the legendary 911 has been of course underrated for many years, probably because you’d expect to hear the sound of a flat six when you see it running along the streets.


However, in the last years this model have been discovered again and some specimens fetch big money, especially the early ones also known as “painted dashboard”: this is not one of those but still it looks very interesting because of the color, conditions ad asking price. The color of the car should be Aubergine: you love it or hate it. In our opinion (and taste, of course), this is the best color made for the pre-bumper series; the paint looks very nice along with the chrome all around.


It is clear that the car has been restored in order to make it look like a 911 but we think that a 912 has its own “dignity” and doesn’t need to look like something it is not. Interiors are very nice too (even though parts like the seats are not correct) and the floors are said to be solid with just a small patch around the pedals area. Basically, you could fine better 912 but not at a better or equal price: if you want a 912 to drive without spending a fortuna this is a nice option. Find it for sale at $29,900 (o.b.o.) here in Albany, NY.

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