Introducing Classic Virus List

All new. All easy. All free.

Classic Virus List:  is our new trick, the result of dozens of working weekends and hundreds of overtime work hours (after our “regular” work and the enrichment of this blog) of one girl and two guys during this 2016. What we have done is trying to summarize our experience in browsing classified ads websites all around the world, and trying to put together some lesson learned about what we would like from a classified ads website, and what we would not.

 Screen Shot 03-12-17 at 12.35 PM

We tried to put down the best practices in order to give you the best navigation experience ever: we believe in the “less is more” practice. A quick registration is needed if you want to post your car ad but nothing more than that. Everything’s free.

Unparalleled Models Library

Screen Shot 03-12-17 at 12.44 PM

One of the hardest task has been collecting 170+ makes and over 12,000 car models in order to let user search for a given make/model pair or to post a “focused” ad: here we don’t take chances. As far as we know, no classified ads website in this world has done such effort for the user.

Always Aware


Classic Virus List makes available a statistics tool to check the asking price of the cars published and auctioned around the world during the last year. You can search for any brand and model up to 1992. Of course so far not all the 12k+ car models are covered but for sure you’ll find data about the most wanted makes and models.


Our tool is fed by classified ads all over the world and auction results. More time passes, the more complete.

Mobile Ready


We’re living in the mobile era so, needless to say, is mobile ready. You can browse ads or post yours wherever you are.

Globalization Proof


We tried to meet the needs of everybody so is available in ten different languages in order to cover the 80% of the world population: we’re sorry for the remaining 20% but we believe to cover this gap in the next months. The language is automatically set by your browser but if you want you can switch it from your profile page, once you have signed up.


Our goal is to provide any classic car nut with a complete and reliable platform where everyone could easily post his car, spare parts or just browse the price statistics tool to have fun or, why not, to check where the market is going. We have still many ideas to be implemented but we’re still young and we need to grow: any suggestion to improve your browsing experience will be appreciated. In the meantime post, post, share and again post. It’s free!

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