Tall windshield: 1968 Datsun Sports 2000


The 1968 edition of one of the cutest roadster ever made, the Fairlady/Sports 2000, had some changes over the previous year among which, the most visible is a taller windshield.


The seller says that this car was his father’s and now both him and his sister own this car, so he can’t accept any trades as his sister wouldn’t agree, however the asking price is quite low so we believe that this car will easily go. This car is not a concours car but a nice driver indeed: the wheels are not original but they fit well, the engine bay looks quite original and the “race” look isn’t bad at all.


The seller says that basically this is a good car which has nothing bad; the paint has some little flaws and the soft top is missing but there is, as you can see, the hardtop which is nice if you live in a rainy area; other than that, the car comes along with some spare parts (head, carburetors, rims etc.). Find it for sale at $8,000 here in Sparks, NV.

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