Pumped up friscan: 1973 Porsche 911 T/F 2.4


This 911 T looks like a “common” 911: a common grey with common black interiors but if you look at it carefully it deserves more than it apparently promises.


Actually the car has some features which make it, in our opinion, very attractive: first f all the body which looks very good: nothing to say about it especially when you look at he floors which look very solid. Then, it is a matching number car with the original color combo as the Kardex says: this would be yet enough to pay attention to a 911.



Then the engine: the seller says that it has been fully rebuilt 500 miles ago using performance parts: “S” cams and JE high compression pistons; actually the engine is said to produce around 200 hp, then the brakes too have been improved. The exhaust looks a brand new stainless steel unit. Ok, that’s not a perfect 911 but, as long as it matters, the asking price too is quite interesting. Find it for sale at $68,500 here in San Francisco, CA.


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