What matters: 1958 Falcon Shells Mark I


What matters for a classic car nut is limited to a nice body, seats, wheels, engine, gearbox and few other things: that’s exactly what this car offer; no more than that.


This car is indeed a Mark II by Falcon Shells: this factory was founded by a former firm of Ashley, Peter Pelladine, who left Ashley Laminates (which build bodies and chassis for specials). When he left the factory, Pellandine took with him the rights and tooling to manufacture the short-wheelbase bodyshell for the Ashley 750 which became the Mark I which also had a different engine.


The 1172 c.c. UK-Ford engine installed into this car was equipped with an Aquaplane head (initially, as the name says, this shop used to build kit for powerboats but at the end of the fifties there were not enough powerboat racers to sustain its growth) fed by two SU’s: a nice combo for a car so tiny and light. This particular one looks totally restored and very clean: we don’t know how it goes but we’re pretty sure that the four banger in a car so light could give many satisfactions. Find it fr sale at €105,000 (today $111,000) here in Ferrara, Italy.



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