Outta time: 1958 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile


This car was, back then, the main competitor of the Fiat 500: the Bianchina had better finishing than its rival but the same engine and was bought by who wanted to distinguish himself from the mass: so it was then and so it is now.


The seller of this car has started a restoration but he says that his freqent travels for work won’t let him finish the job: the car has been dismantled but all the parts are correctly and tadily stored in boxes.


So the car is complete but there’s some serious work to do like replacing floors: there are many sources to buy the parts needed so it wouldn’t be a problem: the car itself isn’t as these were simple, although solid, vehicles; when restoring these cars you must be careful about the details. Find it for sale at $5,500 here in Moorpark, CA.


One thought on “Outta time: 1958 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile

  1. gradirei maggiori informazioni sono interessato all acqisto di una bianchina trasformabile da restaurare se ci sono tutti i pezzi che sono stati smontati . vorrei sapere dove si trova e quale e il prezzo di vendita grazie


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