44 years long owner: 1972 Porsche 911T/E 2.4


You’d say, watching this car, “Well, ok, it’s just a 911” and somehow that’s true with the “little” exception that this car, a 911T 2.4 “E” series (with the oil filler on the rear left fender) is actually for sale by its first and 44 years long owner.


That it, nowadays, an extremely rare event as the 99.99% of these Porsches have passed by many hands in the last years, especially since the collector car market has “discovered” these cars five/six years ago.


The seller doesn’t say much about this car (chassis #9112100146) but that it is still painted in the original “Aubergine” color: we suppose that the owner is plenty of info to give to the new owner. Find it for sale at $50,000 here in Salinas, CA.


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