Never this nice: 1949 Fiat 1100 “Derby” by Bertone


There are still few specimens around of this rare coachbuilt Fiat built by Bertone and called “Derby”, but if you search for other cars like this you immediately see that this is the most correct and complete specimen.


And, other than being basically perfect, it has also a striking color combo: apple red with tan interiors is the typical head turner combination, thanks also to the soft top color which matches the interiors.


Watching the interiors it looks like anything is missing: the steering wheel and the various knob on the dashboard are correct as well as the exterior trims and bumpers: these parts are often missing because of the rust or because they have been removed and then they got lost: on this car everything looks as correct as it was seventy years ago. No photos of the engine bay but it’s easy to guess that it should be as good as the rest of the car. Find it for sale at €52,000 (today $58,500) here in Italy. Thanks to Andrea for this tip.


One thought on “Never this nice: 1949 Fiat 1100 “Derby” by Bertone

  1. […] The red one published six years ago was very beautiful, but this does not seem to be outdone: it seems in fact very complete with all the details (there are still the steel covers between the bodywork and the front bumper, as well as the black Roma plate) and in good condition. Unfortunately the seller does not add anything else: the price is not declared either, what you see is a random number but the seller says that he will disclose the price after seeing the car. Find it for sale here in Lariano, Italy. […]


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