Undercover sedan: 1964 OSI 1200S Spider


This car is one of the counteless Michelotti’s creations and it’s a typical daughter of the ’60s italian design: it is red, it has two seats and it’s a spider.


As many of the special cars built in that period, also this spider is built on a Fiat platform: in this particular case the donor car is a Fiat 1100D sedan. Back then, car builders could buy from Fiat just a chassis with the mechanical components and then dress it according to their projects. OSI has been a firm which didn’t last long but it leaved its little mark in the automotive history.


The seller didn’t tell anything about the build year of this car but we can do some speculations: it has not the air vents on the front fenders nor it has any side trims so, very probably, this is one of the first car made, probably a ’64 car. It seems that someone has done a kind of restoration job on it which is almost finished: the car looks good both outside and inside so we suppose that the new owner should put a new soft top and doing some other detailing job but it seems basically a car ready to hit the road. Find it for sale at €16,000 (today $17,500) here in Capaci, Italy.

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