Bizzarrini outside: 1973 Lamborgini Jarama S


Well, we’re not sure that the donor chassis and engine of this car belong to a Jarama S neither if the car is from 1973, we have just made an assumption as the seller says that the car has 350 HP.


The only thing we’re pretty sure of is that the custom aluminium body of this car is very similar to the Bizzarrini 5300 Spider; so similar and detailed that we do believe that some original molds have been used to form this body. Then, when we see that the car is just 30 kms from Livorno, the city where the Bizzarrini factory was, suspects become even stronger.


Of course the seller would tell you more about this car. What we see is that the photos are old: they’re a film camera photo so they probaby have been taken in the early-mid 2000’s. What’s clear that this is a very interesting project but it all depends upon the asking price: the seller doesn’t disclose it but it’s sure that a lot of time and money are needed to finish this adventure. However we’re pretty sure that, in the right hands, the outcome could be great. Find it for sale here in Viareggio, Italy.


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