Naked project: 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2


This is not a cheap project, both for the entry price and its ending cost, but that could be a dream for who has enough funds to build his dream car.


It’s about a Ferrari 330 GT engine, gearbox and chassis which actually has a title so any problem for a future registration is prevented. Of course this is the last issue when you start to build a car just from an engine ad a chassis.


Indeed that’s a long way to come to a complete and rebuilt car, but the future owner has not any obligation to rebuilt a factory specs 330 GT 2+2. On the contrary, because there is just the bare minimum, the best thing to do with it is giving these parts to a top notch coach shop so they can design the car of your dreams which can still be badged as a Ferrari. Find it for sale at $150,000 here in Phoenix, AZ.


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