Two shades of grey: 1960 Lancia Appia Convertibile by Vignale


Whilst the seller of this Appia Convertibile (2nd series, chassis #812.01.3810) is not sure about what shade of gray his car is painted of, we are pretty sure that this is a very nice project.

ScreenShot003That is because this car appears, first of all, very solid. I have a Vignale Convertibile in the same conditions and I must say that these cars suffer rust a bit less of many other italian cars of the same period. That’s probably because Vignale used thick steel sheets to build his coachbuilt cars: if you ever met in flesh one of these cars built by the Maestro, try to lift the boot lid or the hood, then tell me if I’m wrong.

ScreenShot005Other than that the car looks very complete and it has also a rare color combo for an Appia Convertibile: the dark grey (hard to tell what shade is as the only one who knew it exactly was Vignale: indeed Lancia didn’t have any info about the colors of these cars built off-site). A dark grey with red interiors and soft top is absolutely tasteful and rare. Moreover, the seller has explained a lot about this car which has one of the longest and more complete description on ebay ever. Find it for sale here in Sunnyvale, CA, with bidding at $2,225 and reserve not met.

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