C.S.I. required: 1960 Porsche 356B T5 cabrio


Nope, we definitely can’t ever imagine that a relict in this conditions could ever be put for sale as a car, but this is it.


This car was born as a Porsche 356 T5 Cabrio, and we must admit that, 55 years ago, it came out of the factory with a very nice paint, which should have been Bali Blue (but we could of course be wrong).  The good is that there is a door left where we can spot a black vynil, so now we know that interiors were black. This happened because – we suppose – this car is laying outside since, at least, 30 years ago.


Actually the problem here is that we can’t spot exactly where the whole car is, we suppose that the point here is not buying a car but a chassis number along with a clear title (and, after all, that’s a good thing). Would you try to rebuild a Porsche from scratch? If the answer’s “yes”, find it for sale at $24,950 here in Roswell, GA.

2 thoughts on “C.S.I. required: 1960 Porsche 356B T5 cabrio

  1. Simultaneously hilarious and depressing; at least that one gauge looks salvageable. What’s next in the Porsche bubble? $30k 931s? I am switching to motorbikes at this rate….


  2. The problem is that the phenomenon doesn’t involve only Porsche: for these in particular, the “aircooled” train has definitely leaved the station a couple of years ago, now the 944 Turbos are beginning to increase their value.
    Luckily, if you dig around there are cars without an “important” badge which are still affordable.


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