Palm Springs award: 1950 Simca 8 Sport Coupe by Facel


And here’s another Simca 8 Sport to be restored: this in particular has a peculiar history as it received an award at the 1951 Palm Spring Concours.


We can deduce that it is a car destinated from birth to the American market (the car is from 1950), and has remained in the US so far. The seller claims that the car has been originally modified by Roger Barlow’s International Motors: this shop installed the hood scoop on the Cabriolet and so they did on this car. A nice feature are the Robergel wire wheels with hubcaps.


The seller also says that the car is complete; it escaped years ago a fire and the seats have been ruined but he has two seats of a Simca 9 to use; the bodywork is in fair condition although there are some parts, especially relating to the floors to be repaired but other important details such as the chrome finishes and the stainless steel bumpers are present: a good starting point for a total restoration. Find it for sale here in Long Beach, CA, with a starting bid at $30,000 and no bids yet.


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