More than rare: 1960 Fiat 600 Capri by Caprera


It is not the first time that we find one of these very rare cars for sale: to be precise it is the second time, but the car published a few months ago was slightly different from this one.


The reason is simple: unlike the first published here, this belongs to the first series (impossible to know how many were produced, we suppose very few) and is easily recognizable by the nose that has a different design and trim from the next series; moreover the first series, like the one shown at the 1959 Turin show, was based on the first chassis of the Fiat 600 first series, while the second series was produced on the basis of the 600 D chassis.


The owner claims that this car is equipped with an engine developed by Giannini and that matches what our literature says,  he also says that this is a prototype: could it be the 1959 Turin show car? Perhaps (apart from the front bumper split in two on the one for sale) but we should deepen the subject. The asking price is not low, but perhaps it is the price to pay for such rarity. Find it for sale at €65,000 (today $74,000) here in Palermo, Italy.


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