Larkspur barn find: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible


The world of classic cars, at least for what concerns us, is not just about cars produced in Europe but also iconic cars like this one, produced in the USA.


As many (but not all) will know, this is a Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible of 1957, a true icon of the american automotive industry (and why not, also of the society) of the 50’s. In addition, it is also the color that in our opinion, is the most apt on this car, the “Larkspur Blue”, a shade that is very “fifties”. This car is said to have been recovered from a garage where it has been parked since the 70s.


It is clearly a barn find and it seems also in good condition: the seller is very clear about this car, and explains that the car is very complete (and you can clearly see it) but the floors need to be replaced: cars are also sold two replacement floors. There are also photos of the iteriors but they are dark and you can see little, but it is clear that they must be redone because the upholstery is not correct as well as the steering wheel. Find it for sale at $32,000 here in San Fernando, CA.


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