Indivisible: 1967 Ferves Ranger + 1971 Lawil Varzina S3


Also this week there is an odd couple: this time it’s not about two coachbuilt cars, built by an almost unknown coachbuilder, but it’s about two all-terrain microcars.


We are talking about a Ferves Ranger (the larger of the two) and a Lawil Warzina S3: despite their names they were both produced in Italy in a period, between the late sixties and the first half of the 70s, in which many producers oriented themselves towards these microcars that had a more recreational purpose than utilitarian. The peculiarity of these two cars lies in the fact of being completely original and with at most two owners, the seller says.


In fact, the Ranger had three owners (including the current one) while the Warzina only two (including the current one). If you want to inform about the characteristics of this car just read the description of the seller, very complete, or search the internet, it is useless to report it in this article: what really interests us is the condition of these two cars that seems amazing; the limitation lies solely in the fact that they are sold as a package: the seller does not intend to sell them separately. Find them for sale here in Torino, Italy, with bidding at $3,250 and reserve not met. Thanks to Alvise for this tip!


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